The OMR Podcast International – Go inside the minds of the biggest names in digital and tech

The OMR Podcast International – Go inside the minds of the biggest names in digital and tech

with Gymshark founder Ben Francis

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If it were film, you'd think Hollywood had taken significant liberties with factual accuracy. And yet, the genesis of Gymshark, now a billion-dollar DTC fitness fashion brand, begins with all the hallmarks of a sappy Hollywood biopic. While working at a local Pizza Hut, 19-year-old Ben Francis, a dedicated weightlifter, founds his passion project Gymshark. After two years of hand-sewing clothes and barely making ends meet, he catches his big break at a local fitness trade fair, where he stumbles upon the marketing strategy that will catapult Gymshark into unicorn status. A decade after those humble beginnings, Gymshark has bulked up to heavyweight status and USD 1.45B valuation. In the OMR Podcast, Francis breaks down the marketing strategy that has helped Gymshark flex on the competition.


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From our HQ in Hamburg, Germany, we’re keeping tabs on everything and anything, and anyone who’s anyone in the European digital, marketing and tech space. OMR CEO Philipp Westermeyer and international digital marketing editor Scott Peterson, are talking shop with the biggest players and companies disrupting the European tech scene and beyond. We’ll be coming straight to your inbox every couple of weeks to keep you up-to-date on what’s up this side of the pond.

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by Philipp Westermeyer, founder and CEO of OMR / Scott Peterson, digital marketing editor, OMR


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